places where I’d like to live

Tokyo, Portland, Helsinki, Melbourne, Hamburg, Bali, Graz, Singapore, Liverpool.

Helsinki is really great for architecture and creativity; Melbourne has really great districts, such as Fitzroy and Carlton, and the city itself is very nice; Hamburg is peaceful and huge! during summer I went from the Alster (which is a little lake in the city center) through all the canals around with the canoe: tiring, but lovely; no place in the world is like Bali, just go there and you’ll find out why (just avoid “magic mushrooms” and stuff people is offering you in the streets, if you don’t want to go to jail…); Graz is a quiet little city in Austria. I went there during my first year of Architecture…it’s a great mix of old/ancient buildings and new ones!; Liverpool was part of my trip around England and it’s the city I liked most. Not too far from London and nicer than Manchester 😛 .

Right now I’m living in Milan, which is a bit grey, caotic and stressful (even though it has the best nightlife in the world!!).

I’m pretty happy here, but I’m always dreaming to move somewhere else.

I’ve never been in Japan and Singapore, but I have friends from there and read a lot of articles about…

and this article I read today just confirmed my ideas…

(Actually that’s why I put Portland in the list…and it’s so close to Seattle! awesome)



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