getting architectural…

Yesterday night I’ve been talking about Finland with my friends…actually we had a challenge about who knew more names of  finnish cities.

(I didn’t win…but I won in the competition about the Canadian provincies/territories, not bad! ihih)

What came to my mind after that were some projects I really like in Finland (I love Helsinki mostly because of the buildings: Kiasma-Steven Holl, Finlandia-Hall, Alvar Aalto, the train station- Eliel Saarinen and so on. The main cathedral must also be mentioned, as it’s so beautiful and it’s kind of landmark/symbol).

This one instead is in Turku,

I’ve just discovered it! The architects seemed to care a lot about the quality of the space, I’d love to visit it to check if my impression is true.

I’m going to add other two projects I’ve found lately, hope you enjoy!

(my passion for China is increasing!!)


(This website is actually in italian, sorry about that! but check it out anyway, you’ll be surprised…one of the architects was my teacher when I was studying at UWA in Perth. Just nice to see his works published!)



2 thoughts on “getting architectural…

  1. You’ve inspired me to pull out my slides of Finland and scan them for my blog. I love your shots in the snow. I was there in 1998 soon after Kiasma first opened. I like what you have started!

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