new york architectural guide_01

So…since I’m planning to go to New York in December, I’ve already created a guide/list of must see buildings (or spots) around the city.

I’m just ten months in advance…I like to be prepared. ihih

First chapter!

1. SANAA / New Art Museum

Basically, It’s one of my favorite buildings in the world, not just in NYC, and it’s the first one I would recommend.

The reason of SANAA’s success is the simplicity and clearness of the concept and its clean translation into construction.

Even if it’s not complicated, the building has a very strong impact.

The location context, Lower Manhattan, with its squared blocks and buildings gave them the inspiration: the ‘boxes concept’ replies the boxes surrounding, and stacks them one on top of the other in various sizes and heights. By small but significant shifting of the cubes, the building gets dynamicity and an attracting shape, being different but SIMILAR to the near constructions.

The project shows its concept by simple repeated shifting, the intention of the building is clearly readable from outside and combines a convincing language with the need of natural light from top: all at once, with one operation, the project shows its force.

One of SANAA’s masterpieces and one of my main inspirations in starting new projects.

Be ready for the second chapter!


Pictures by Iwan Baan and Dean Kaufman, published on


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