ten floors by bike

Bikers can ride right up to the 10th floor of this incredible building in Copenhagen, located in the burgeoning neighbourhood of Ørestad South (on the edge of the Copenhagen canal).

The mixed-use building includes a cycle path and pedestrian promenade, which winds up to the 10th floor then back down to ground level. Two communal courtyards sit at the centre of the complex, which features stores, offices and green spaces on the ground and apartments up top.



(http://www.smithjournal.com.au/blogs/design/bike-to-the-top and http://www.big.de)


4 thoughts on “ten floors by bike

  1. I can’t reply to your comment, don’t know why, so I’ll write here! I checked it out, you’re totally right, it’s lovely! I wish I could be able to take good pics like these one day. I’m thinking about going to a photography course for beginners…we’ll see! Thanks for the suggestion! xx

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