My room.

I want to show you some changes I made in my room!

Pretty excited about them:

1. Here is my new light (I ordered it, but it hasn’t arrived yet):

2. And this is my new wallpaper:

(sorry about the wrong rotation, but it seems that it’s not possible to put it in the right way…anyway, I think you can  have an idea of how it looks like either way!)


I’ve just found these images about wallpapers, very very nice. Enjoy!

Found them here and here.

So…what do you think?



2 thoughts on “My room.

  1. The white lamp/chandelier is really bad ass. Where did you find it? Also, I love the green and white wallpaper, very fun without being too overwhelming.

  2. Hey! thank you, glad you like them!
    I’ve been looking for a chandelier for about a month, so I checked many websites and catalogues before finding this great one (
    and the wallpaper is actually grey and white (the quality of the picture is quite bad, I have to buy a new camera asap 🙂 ), it’s kind of 70’s style, I’m really satisfied with that as well.
    Thanks for the comment!!

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