Greeting cards – diy (or kind of :P)

Ehm, it’s my first diy and I didn’t really prepare a tutorial or a list of instructions…

Just excuse me, next time I’ll do better!

I mainly wanted to show you what I did last week. I had an hour off and I decided to create some handcrafted cards, for any occasion (as I don’t usually like the ones you find at the stationery + they’re quite expensive for what they are!)

I just took some old magazines, tried to find some nice-cute pictures and cut them, with my scissors (obviously!).

I also cut some pieces of colorful cardboard -which I found while cleaning up my room!- and then stick the pictures on them. (it’s a bit of a collage effect)

They’re not really precise and neat, but i’m sure my friends will appreciate them when they’ll receive one for their birthday or any other occasion.

Hope you like them! and I hope I’ll get better in these diy, as I really enjoy creating new things and try new ideas!



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