Architecture_April-May 2012

A few nice projects I’ve found lately. (sources 1, 2, 3)

Potxonea House / OS3 arkitektura

I really like the use of this wooden skin on the facade together with the large openings in this building, owned by the municipality of Usurbil, Spain.

Sandworm / Marco Casagrande

This flexible structure takes actually place in Belgium, on the dunes of the Wenduine coastline.

The architect, Marco Casagrande, describes it as “weak architecture” – a human made structure that wishes to become part of nature through flexibility and organic presence.

House NA / Sou Fujimoto Architects

“The white steel-frame structure itself shares no resemblance to a tree. Yet the life lived and the moments experienced in this space is a contemporary adaptation of the richness once experienced by the ancient predecessors from the time when they inhabited trees. Such is an existence between city, architecture, furniture and the body, and is equally between nature and artificiality.”

I was already a big fan of Fujimoto and this just confirmed that I was right, he’s a total genius!

He describes this new crazy building as “a unity of separation and coherence”.

More pictures here!



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