Dreaming of Iceland

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7 thoughts on “Dreaming of Iceland

    • Glad you like it! I always wanted to go to Iceland, nature is gorgeous+midnight sun+great for meditation+geyser+far away from everything! I’ll definitely try to go there next year. 🙂 xx

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  2. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing. Truly incredible country. I am half icelandic and my family has roots in the largest Icelandic settlement in Canada – Gimli, Manitoba. I am trying to convince my parents to go on a trip of a lifetime in the next couple of years to see where my mom’s ancestors are from. I certainly want to take my family in the future as well. Have a wonderful day and thanks again…

    • Hey! Thank YOU!! I think it’s a great idea to go there to visit and discover more about your roots. Actually my whole family (my mom, dad and sister) went there some years ago, but I didn’t join them, because I wanted to study for my exams in September…now I really regret that! Must be enchanting. Ok, let’s stop dreaming! Thanks for commenting and following my blog!!

      • Oh no, you should have gone to Iceland. I cannot wait to go someday. My parents live in Winnipeg, Manitoba (close to Gimli) and they have very affordable flights direct to Iceland. I really hope they go in the next year or two.

        We can always dream right?

        You are welcome, I really enjoyed the post..

        Have a great weekend..

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