New York Architectural guide_11

11. Yohji Yamamoto Gansevoort Street Store

“Located in the transient Meat Packing district of New York, the angular geometry of the building was informed by the footprint of the brick building that previously sat on the site. Ishigami spliced the architecture into two parts – the tip of the wedge as a product display space; the other part as the shop proper – to create street of activity through the spaces.

In terms of crafting perception, the starkly acute angles give the impression of a depthless building as if it was a stage set. This is fortified by the break in the facade, which lend views of the urban landscape beyond. Unfortunately, the store has since closed.”


I’m especially in love with this building as it was the main part of the site of my fourth year project (the one I did in Australia).

It was so nice to finally design a building not in Milan!!

And Junya Ishigami does always nice works! This is 100% guaranteed.

-just another example:

Kanagawa Institute of Technology Workshop, 2007



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