First award nomination!

I’m so so happy!

I want to thank so much my nyc photography for nominating me!

Such a great blog with gorgeous pictures of NYC, I’m everytime impressed! Check that blog out right now 🙂

Just a little example…

Love it!

Ok, let’s get “serious” again and let’s follow the rules:

– share who gave it to you with a link back to their blog.
– write down seven random facts about yourself.
– give this award to up to fifteen other bloggers.
– let them know they’ve won.
– pop the award on your blog

So, let’s do the second point, seven random facts about myself:

1. Wind is my favorite weather.

2. I have a big passion for nail polish.

3. I’m italian, if that wasn’t clear enough from my posts!

4. I’ve started playing the piano a month ago or so.

5. I think snow is overestimated.

6. I want to move to Germany next year.

7. Sometimes I think I’m crazy.

Ok, that is way too much private stuff for my standards 🙂

Let’s go on with the blogs I want to nominate for the ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD…here they are:



The Thread Affect

She thought outside the box


My nyc photography

Artistry in parenting



6 thoughts on “First award nomination!

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