Williamsburg Bridge

A photo serie of Williamsburg Bridge in NYC, by the photographer Mon Zamora.




11 thoughts on “Williamsburg Bridge

  1. Hi seattleinspired,

    I’m blown away by all your beautifully composed photographs and amazing visual / cultural finds!

    And, I have a proposition for you!
    on my blog:

    We’ve tried hard to have a lot of images there, but it’s also been a place with many words. We’ve decided to launch a new feature focusing on, as you already know about, the power of images!

    It’s kind of a “365 Days” or “Photo a Day” project, but with some adjustments. These projects are usually a self-portrait every single day for a year, or less if you fall off, or yearS if you go nuts.

    The problem is doing it every single day is hard for some peeps and even scares some away. And while I do love the trajectory of self-portraits, peeps do love to take pix with the camera pointing out too.

    So, here’s our version, it doesn’t have to be every single day, and it doesn’t have to be a self-portrait, but it should be a picture you took today (ish) We’d like to have a handful of people from around the globe participate and we can have a featured section on iRez where you can see today’s snapshot of life on planet earth. So on the days you post something, it’d be one image, and if you can a sentence or two as a caption.

    What do you think?

    Keep up the wonderful work!


    • Hey!

      first, thank you so much for all the nice words and compliments! I like when people like my blog…OBVIOUSLY!
      And second I think it’s a very interesting idea and I’m definitely in!
      I love to try new things and collaborate in projects.

      Just a question: it must be a picture I take, right? Not anyone else I mean…as I usually post pics, artworks and images made by others.

      Either way, I’m in! 🙂
      Waiting for news…

      ps. I’ll go check your blog out super soon!

      • Hi!

        Oh yes, haha, I probably didn’t realize that you had or hadn’t taken all your pix, well either way “good eye!” But yes, for this it should be something you snap.

        I’ll “invite” you to be an “author” on iRez, and then give you the details on how to post. Since you’re already a WordPress user it should be pretty easy for you! 🙂

      • Yay, you’re an author now! 🙂

        So, obviously you already know how to use WordPress, yay!

        All you have to do is give each post a Category and Tag:
        The CATEGORY you click should be “365 Days”
        The TAG you type in is “Photo a Day”
        and it’ll find your posts from that.

        The titles could be “Day 1″… Day 2… Day 3…
        or you can name them any other way you like.
        You can also type more Tags if you like, like names of peeps or places in photo, etc

        Last thing, do you know about “Featured Images? That’s an image that shows up on archive pages or on “feature” pages like our feature section on the home page. You can actually just pick the photo itself as the featured image – the box for this in the lower right of the wordpress edit window – or I like to make a special one, 628 x 327pixels is great for the featured image, and the image itself you can size as you like.

        For our photographer list, do you have a “name name”? Or will we call you “Seattle Inspired” ?

        LMK if you have any questions.

        And otherwise, feel free to post away!

    • Don’t know why I can’t reply directly to the message below…anyway!
      Thank you very much again! So happy to be an author! ^^
      I’ll start posting tomorrow or some days after as I’m super busy at the moment.
      And you can use Seattle Inspired or my real name, Valentina Bagini, as you like!
      Looking forward to posting on your blog!

      • Sounds great! Everything I wrote above should cover it I think — ask if you have any questions — only change: we changed the category name from “365 Days” to “World Today” which seemed to fit our project better, so just click that when you post.

        Have a lovely weekend!

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