Living in a container – Le Havre

A students’ dorm in Le Havre, France.

“The new town is the result of the transformation of old containers in modular housing units equipped with every comfort. Mounted on a metal grid, the containers have given shape to a four-story building that houses 100 apartments of 24 square meters each.”





2 thoughts on “Living in a container – Le Havre

    • You got the point! I appreciate most the fact that these containers are reused + their union creates this unique appearance, which is brilliant. Think about living there while studying at uni…I would have loved that! -rather then spending years in a ugly flat, shared with 3 guys, in the suburbs of the city, as I did 🙂 – and about Murakami, thanks for commenting! and actually, as you recommended that other book from him and it seems like we have the same taste in many things, today I went to a bookshop and I was about to buy it (I didn’t as I have many books at home waiting to be read, but I’ll buy it soon, that’s for sure). Thank you!

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